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Curtis Shull

Board Member

Dr. Curtis Shull from Fayetteville, Tennessee, has accomplished extensive research, written for publications, and given presentations in computer science, Big, Data CAD-Design RFID, and Machine Learning. He has taught computer science and has worked in computer science. In addition to owning a deep-tech company with operations in Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, I am also the CEO. I own and operate a research and development facility in Wroclaw, Poland, where we have been operating for several years. Under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014 – 2020, Dr. Shull achieved a $1.5M R&D grant award funding for specialized software innovative design, development, engineering, and architecture of next-generation IoT/RFID tracking solution utilizing patented CAD Design-First Machine Learning RFID in the  Research and Development (R&D) Lab located in Wroclaw. In addition, he has won his 1st EU Seal of Excellence grant Award for RFID R&D for delivering technical leadership while serving as the strategic functional Lab Owner and Chief Technology Officer. He achieved the R&D 2nd EU Seal of Excellence Award for

developing PROXIAIR – a blockchain-based innovative IoT big data software platform for the airline industry in the R&D Lab in Wroclaw, Poland.

Curtis Shull
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