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Closing the Digital Divide.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

A quarter of lower-income teens do not have access to a home computer. One-in-four teens in households with an annual income under $30,000 lack access to a computer at home, compared with just 4% of those in households earning over $75,000, according to the 2018 survey. There are also differences by race and ethnicity. Hispanic teens were especially likely to say they do not have access to a home computer: 18% said this, compared with 9% of white teens and 11% of black teens.

The program will cover 33 weeks of interactive computer-based learning. Skills such as coding, computer networking, simple calculations, internet etiquette, email usage will be covered during this period. The program will come with access to a device that will be necessary for participation. The use of public libraries will be encouraged to utilize the resource but to encourage the students to use free internet and other resources at the library.

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